Alluminio di Qualità is the officialdistributor for Luxe Coat products in Italy

Alluminio di Qualità has been chosen by Luxe Coat for the distribution in Italy of liquid and powder pre-painted laminate sheets in a wide range of colors, thus becoming the official distributor of a “new” line of Italian manufactured products specifically made for the construction industry (in particular roofs, facades and cladding) and various industrial applications.



Metal Link, the new alliance between Alluminio di Qualità S.p.A. and Baratè S.p.A.

We are happy to announce the founding of Metal Link, a business network between Alluminio di Qualità S.p.A. and Baratè S.p.A., a group that deals with processing and distribution of flat and extruded semi-finished aluminium alloy products. We are leaders in the Italian market in terms of aggregate turnover (over 70 million Euros), distributed volumes (over 20,000 tons) and available range of products, with more than 3000 active customers and over 90 employees and collaborators working in three service centres located in Lombardy, Veneto and Tuscany.

Alluminio di Qualità and Baratè are two companies with a long history in the field of aluminium. With a strong entrepreneurial tradition, these two renowned brands are well-known for their commitment, professionalism, reliability and for the quality of their products, complementing each other perfectly thanks to their specializations in different market segments. In over 86 years for Baratè and 33 years for Aluminio di Qualità, they’ve established themselves as reference points for their customers.

Alluminio di Qualità, a company of the Cauvin Group, has become a leader in the distribution and processing of flat rolled products in both commercial formats and made to measure, mainly in the 0.5 – 6 mm range of thickness, in different alloys, intended for multiple industrial sectors, in the supply of certified, extruded and pre-processed sheets and plates for the shipbuilding sector and the only centre in Italy specialized in alloy plates for automotive applications, with a roll and strip system for cutting up to 5 mm alloy and DRY LUBE electrostatic charge lubrication of the material.

Baratè boasts a long tradition and a strong specialisation in the distribution and processing of semi-finished aluminium alloys for the industrial sector, mainly in the over 6 mm thickness range, cast, milled and rolled plates, extruded in high value added alloys for precision mechanics, packaging, aluminium moulds, hydraulics and bar-turning sectors, with disc and strip cutting plants and state of the art milling machines.

Two companies that combine experience and innovation, with the new generations actively engaged in developing the business with a shared vision of growth. Mattia Marconi, 5th generation of the Cauvin Group and current co-CEO of Quality Aluminium, and Niccolò Rampini, 3rd generation Baratè and current Sales Manager, have been working on the alliance project for a long time, with the aim of creating a Master Distributor for Italy, like those already existent in in other European countries, and to begin a market consolidation process. In order to be competitive on both the domestic market and especially the foreign one, it’s no longer sufficient to focus on organic growth; the present calls for a vision, a willingness to reach a critical mass that will allow the full development of synergies, the achievement of economies of scale and of scope process, so that the companies will be able to rise to the challenges posed by the ever-evolving markets – say the two young managers with a combined age of 68. With Metal Link we will pursue common goals working as a network, leaving the autonomy of the two companies intact from a corporate point of view but with a common strategic direction, a common management and development of the commercial network and logistics, the optimisation of management costs and access to new markets, as well as the creation of a shared e-commerce platform for the promotion of the network and the marketing of the product portfolio.